Member of the CEME Group

VÊPRES and Groupe CEME: one year already!

Corporate life

At the beginning of July 2023, VÊPRES opened a new chapter in its history by joining the CEME Group.

New logo VÊPRES with CEME Group colors.

We share the same values, those of family-run businesses that have developed with agility and perseverance, relying on people, skills, commitment and respect for commitments. While customer satisfaction, compliant deliveries and meeting deadlines are one of our companies' main concerns, our CSR approach to environmental, social and economic issues also plays a key role. The CEME Group further improved its performance this year, moving up from the bronze medal to the silver ECOVADIS medal.

Establishing business synergies

As we envisaged a year ago when we announced the integration of VÊPRES into the CEME Group, many synergies have begun to emerge, both expected and unexpected. Teams and projects are mutually enriching each other's know-how, networks, customers and partners. While the prospects for development are still immense, we now know without a doubt that we have made the right choice.

Roots and wings!

That's why, as part of a much-needed overhaul of its communication tools, VÊPRES is changing its image by modifying its logo. The name remains, of course, but it now takes shape in the middle of the wings and with the colors of the logo common to all CEME Group companies. The black color, which contrasts with the " cleanrooms " activity that has forged a strong identity for VÊPRES over the years, has been retained, as it is part of the company's roots and, thanks to its uniqueness, is highly valued by employees and customers alike.

We invite you to visit our website, where you'll find all our commitments, expertise and numerous references.