Member of the CEME Group


Sharing experience and values, VÊPRES is involved and works in "partner" mode to build lasting relationships based on trust.

The company cultivates three types of partners. Within the scope of its activity, VÊPRES participates in groups, associations or consortiums of companies and organizations around its businesses and fields of application. As a local partner for its teams and customers, VÊPRES does not hesitate to get involved in sponsorship to enhance its image and support virtuous projects. And finally, with certain suppliers, VÊPRES has forged strong win/win partnerships.

Isère Construction Federation

VÊPRES has been a member of the Fédération du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics de l'Isère since 2001.

FBTP Isère, a professional organization founded in 1885, represents and supports 640 member companies on a day-to-day basis, which account for 2/3 of the more than 3 billion euros (excl. VAT) worth of works and employ half of the department's 27,000 workers. The FBTP Isère aims to bring together construction companies of all sizes and trades, to effectively defend the collective interests of the profession.


The Organisme Professionnel de Prévention du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics works with 244,000 member companies in the building and civil engineering sector. It is a unique organization in terms of prevention in the building and civil engineering sector.

The OPPBTP helps building and civil engineering professionals to improve their working conditions in order to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses, and thus reduce the number of claims.

By working regularly with the OPPBTP, VÊPRES pursues its QSE commitment, which places people at the heart of its management policy, cultivating good practices and benevolence for well-being in the workplace.


VÊPRES is a member of ASPEC, a network of professionals specializing in the contamination market, to keep abreast of developments in technology and standards. Through its expertise, VÊPRES plays an active role in enhancing the value of its business.

ASPEC, the leading French organization in the field of cleanrooms and contamination control since 1971, aims to be a crossroads for exchanges, bringing together the various players (suppliers, users, researchers).

ASPEC has been recognized as a public utility since 2012, and chairs the AFNOR X44B standards commission, which monitors and develops standards for cleanroom technologies (ISO 14644 and ISO 14698).

Its network of experts is representative not only of cleanroom 's different businesses, but also of the various user sectors seeking to control particulate, microbiological and/or chemical contamination: Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Microelectronics, Space, Agro, Cosmetics, etc.

To energize and unite the network's players, ASPEC is developing its activities around events (Contaminexpo and technical symposia), training (inter, intra, diploma and e-learning), publications (10 technical guides to date) and auditing/expertise (in situ).


VÊPRES has been a member of the Allizé-Plasturgie network, dedicated to plastics and composites, for several years. Joining this network has enabled it to offer its technical support, experience and knowledge to manufacturers whose production requires infrastructures made up of cleanrooms.

Today, Allizé-Plasturgie has joined Polyvia, the Union of Polymer Converters. Polyvia was born of the common desire of several inter-regional plastics unions, including Allizé-Plasturgie, but also Gipco, Plasti Ouest, the Fédération de la plasturgie et des composites and the GPIC (Groupement de la plasturgie industrielle et des composites).

Polyvia is a national body representing plastics and composites manufacturers throughout France. Proximity, commitment and excellence are the main values upheld by this trade association, which came into being in 2021.


VÊPRES discovered CIFL's activities during its participation in FORUM Labo in 2016. Joining the CIFL creates synergy within this network and enables us to contribute our expertise in the design and production of cleanrooms.

Created in 1960, the CIFL (Comité Interprofessionnel des Fournisseurs du Laboratoire) is a professional association of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of laboratory products, services and instrumentation for research, analysis and control on the French market.

Its purpose is to defend the interests of the laboratory profession and all its members. It is the initiator and owner of the Forum LABO event.

MEDICALPS The healthcare technology cluster of the Alpine region

Tel.: 04 76 54 95 63

With its infrastructure expertise cleanrooms, VÊPRES is a natural player in the vast medical industry market.

The partnership with MEDICALPS covers two objectives which constitute a genuine exchange. The first is to provide the organization and its members with knowledge and expertise on the benefits of controlled atmosphere infrastructures. Secondly, by keeping in constant touch with the medical industry, VÊPRES enhances its technical watch to stay in tune with the market and its expectations.


  • 18 years of existence
  • Nearly 100 members
  • Numerous partnerships

Since 2000, the association has brought together and represented a network of nearly 100 start-ups, SMEs, major groups, research centers, universities and local authorities in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology and e-health.

The leadership of MEDICALPS, as a facilitator and federator of this community, is largely entrusted to entrepreneurs, with the support of public players, with the aim of building the medicine of tomorrow. The association's operational programs are designed to promote the growth and visibility of the Alpine region's healthcare technology industry network. Attentive to the needs of its members, MEDICALPS acts on two levels: to lead, support and structure the sector locally to accelerate its development, and to carry out promotional and attraction actions to raise the sector's profile internationally.

Since 2016, the association has been a referent of the #HealthTech thematic network for French Tech in the Alps, a guarantee of quality and confidence for the sectors, #BioTech, #MedTech and #e-santé and since 2017 has been a member of the European consortium EIT Health bringing together all the major European players in healthcare technologies.

The cluster's missions and geographic positioning are designed to raise the profile of a promising industry with a shared ambition, growing fast and becoming ever more innovative.

FCG Rugby

Sport in general, and rugby in particular, reminds us at every encounter of the values essential for success: teamwork, fighting spirit and determination, but always with a "gentlemen's" spirit.

With many rugby enthusiasts on its team, VÊPRES has always closely followed the development of the FCG. By becoming a partner, the company supports and joins in the life of the club by taking part in events that enable it to forge links with national, regional and local business networks that are a reference in the conurbation.

Thanks to Nicolas TRICHET, FCG's Sales and Marketing Director, who opened the club's doors for us to discover the strength of an entire team!

Stade Lesdiguières
Rue Albert Reynier
38100 Grenoble - France

Brûleurs de Loups

Respect, humility and performance... these are the mottos of the Brûleurs de Loups! Ice hockey is a sport that also demands discipline, precision and team spirit, values that guide the VÊPRES teams on a daily basis. Grenoble is fortunate to have a club of national stature. Firmly rooted in the Grenoble area and proud of its roots, it was only natural for VÊPRES to support the club.

Pôle Sud skating rink
Avenue d'Innsbruck
38100 Grenoble

Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry works on a daily basis to promote the economic development of the Grenoble region and its 27,800 businesses (industry, commerce, tourism and services). Its activities are organized around five business lines:

  • Local economic development
  • Internationalization and export development
  • Training and professionalization
  • Company promotion and enhancement
  • Expression and influence by CCI elected representatives

To carry out its mission, the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry manages numerous establishments and brands: Grex (international trade center), Grenoble Ecobiz, Présences magazine, AchatVille, World Trade Center Grenoble, Grenoble École de Management, Groupe Formation, Institut des métiers et des techniques (IMT), Institut supérieur de la construction (Isco), Institut supérieur du tertiaire (IST), Institut des formations de la montagne et du tourisme (IFMT)....

Grenoble Chamber of Commerce
1 place André Malraux, Grenoble
Tel.: 04 76 28 28 28

ACID Création Grenoble

As a communications agency in Grenoble, ACID Création has been working with VÊPRES for many years on all of its projects: Internet, advertising, trade shows, documentation... We appreciate the team's constant attentiveness, availability and sense of quality, down to the smallest detail, which perfectly match our values and expectations!

Cabinet EXPERA Assurances

EXPERA Assurances has been a partner of VÊPRES for many years. The trust they share and their perfect knowledge of the company and its businesses have enabled them to offer insurance cover for projects where VÊPRES acts as general contractor cleanroom. These guarantees, combined with the quality of VÊPRES's services, give it a highly appreciable competitive edge!

With over 30 years' experience in the industrial and construction sectors, EXPERA Assurances understands the real problems faced by company directors when drawing up an insurance program, and knows how to prioritize compulsory cover, which the company cannot afford to do without, and optional cover, which provides security and comfort, but whose underwriting must be clearly studied in order to fit smoothly into a budget.

Every insurance proposal is the subject of one or more preliminary interviews, so that we can get a precise idea of the company's real needs.

EXPERA Assurances also benefits from the assistance of specialists and engineers from partner companies.

The trust of over 11,000 customers and 25 dedicated employees!

EXPERA Assurances (MMA)
24 rue Lafayette

Caisse d'épargne Rhône-Alpes

Its expertise as a banker and advisor at the service of companies.

Our decentralized organization gives us real expertise in the company's economic environment. Our local presence means we can react quickly and provide personalized management.

Support at every stage of your company's life:

  • Create or take over
  • Managing day-to-day business
  • Financing company growth and development
  • Enhancing and passing on heritage

Caisse d'Epargne Rhône Alpes
Center d'Affaires Entreprises Isère
10 rue Hébert - B.P. 225
38043 GRENOBLE Cedex 09