Member of the CEME Group

A family-run, forward-looking SME

Born in the Grenoble technology basin, VÊPRES
 celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2022. It has specialized in the construction of cleanrooms and cleanrooms for over 60 years. In 2023, VÊPRES became part of the CEME group, a major player in the energy sector, with whom we share the same values: a sense of service, commitment and responsibility.

The VÊPRES teams are looking to the future, 3 people in white overalls moving forward

The CEME Group

The CEME Group is one of the leading independent players in electrical and HVAC engineering and maintenance in France, with over 950 employees and sales of nearly 180 million euros in 2023. The CEME Group is involved in projects and services related to energy efficiency and thermal comfort for the tertiary sector, industry, local authorities and private individuals.

Human and professional values

They guide our day-to-day operations and the way we work, whether in terms of customer satisfaction, employee well-being or the company's long-term future. To achieve this, VÊPRES relies on demanding standards.

Our ethical charter reflects our strong values and our determination to put people at the heart of our priorities, both within our organization and in our relations with employees, customers, partners and suppliers. This charter defines our commitments to the environment, responsibility, sustainability, loyalty, ethics and loyalty. Through this charter, we affirm our determination, and that of each and every one of our employees, to act in an exemplary manner.

Our ethics charter (FR-PDF - 0.2 MB)


ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 45001 : 2018 certifications attest to our commitment to continuous improvement and the reliability of our management system. For several years, the HappyIndex®AtWork label has been a guarantee of the excellent working conditions at VÊPRES. These commitments and values explain our longevity and support our development.

ISO 9001 certificate (FR- PDF - 0.5 MB)

ISO 45001 certificate (FR- PDF - 0.5 MB)

QS & ST policy (FR- PDF - 0.5 MB)

CSR: Ecovadis certification, proof of commitment

In recognition of the results of its actions, the CEME Group has been awarded the Ecovadis Silver Medal (the benchmark platform for CSR ratings) for 2024. Rated Bronze since 2022, the Group significantly improved its performance this year, going from an overall total of 56 to 69 points out of 100.

VÊPRESa benchmark since 1962!

We've come a long way since 1962. Now a benchmark in cleanroom design and installation for a wide range of industries, our longevity is the reward for our customers' unfailing trust. Our commitment is to honor that trust, day after day.

Our level of expertise and service has earned us a reputation both in France and abroad. In 2023, VÊPRES wrote a new page in its long history by joining the CEME Group, a major player in the energy sector.

History: key dates

Company logo 2024 VÊPRES.

After just one year, the combination of VÊPRES 's know-how and CEME's expertise has already proved a success. The company now bears the colors of the CEME Group. Attached to its history and family values, VÊPRES retains its name, the historic trademark of cleanroom.

VÊPRES logo with CEME Group name

A new page is being written for VÊPRES as it joins the CEME Group, a major player in the energy sector, whose family origins it shares and whose values it fully embraces. The company continues to grow thanks to new opportunities and fruitful synergies.

VÊPRES logo 2017

VÊPRES is a major player in the design and production of cleanroom in France and abroad. The logo is evolving. It retains its historic shape, a symbol of the company's origins and durability. The words "salles propres" (clean rooms) have been added, establishing VÊPRES as a key player.

VÊPRES logo 2016

A turning point in the company's history. VÊPRES evolves and so does its logo. VÊPRES CONSTRUCTIONS became VÊPRES and asserted its position as a specialist in cleanroom, as demand grew and the company's reputation grew.

logo VÊPRES constructions in 2017

To meet growing demand, VÊPRES became a turnkey contractor, delivering cleanrooms turnkey projects. By subsequently integrating a design office, the company acts as a general contractor, offering comprehensive services from the design phase through to delivery.

90s VÊPRES logo

Driven by the dynamism of the microelectronics sector in the Grenoble area, VÊPRES is expanding in parallel to meet the growing demand for cleanroom.

old vêpres logo

VÊPRES produced its very first cleanroom in 1967. The chalet activity ceased for good in 1981.

old vêpres logo

Francis VÊPRES founds a company specializing in carpentry and chalet construction. The historic logo symbolizes the company's activity, depicting a bolt head in the center, framed by two cottage roofs.