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What is a cleanroom

Quality and productivity

Cleanroom cleanroom VÊPRES expertise enables us to adapt the level of to meet the needs of manufacturers, to improve working conditions for operators and to achieve the best possible production performance. ZAC

Pipes and ducts on cleanroom.
A technician equipped with a special outfit cleanroom.


Adapting to your needs

There are several levels of atmosphere control at cleanroom , to improve sanitary conditions for operators and achieve better production performance (compliance rate). Thanks to our integrated design office, the level of control is adapted to the desired performance for a cleanroom with the best quality/price ratio.

Controlling the ambient air in a production unit helps to improve quality and working conditions. Sterility, cleaning and defect reduction are becoming essential requirements in many areas of activity. The creation of a cleanroom, grey room, sterile room or simply a "clean space" is a cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Specialized teams

From design to delivery and maintenance, VÊPRES offers all the guarantees of a general contractor. A single point of contact to ensure on-time delivery of your cleanroom project.

Our teams are capable of transforming cleanroom and maintaining your equipment, whether or not it has been manufactured by the company.

Delivery and commissioning

VÊPRES handles the qualification process for your cleanroom. We make sure that it complies with your specifications, so as to validate the operationality of your cleanroom.

Throughout the project, our teams ensure that the project runs smoothly and that protocols are respected by complying with all ISO qualification stages.

project and quotation

Whatever your field of activity, our expertise and references allow us to respond rigorously to your project cleanroom. The teams VÊPRES will provide you with relevant answers adapted to your specifications, respecting your constraints and the specificities related to your production.

Controlled Atmosphere Areas (ZAC) for industries

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Control and mastery

A cleanroom is a controlled atmosphere zone whose purpose is to control the sources and vectors of contamination in order to protect your production.

cleanroom is a ZAC, controlled atmosphere zone.


Concept and design

Our integrated cleanroom design office analyzes your objectives and studies processes, constraints and performance expectations.

A cleanroom created by our design office.


All our projects

Whether designing, building or revamping, VÊPRES adapts to your requests and production requirements for customized equipment.

Two cleanroom installers in white overalls with masks and goggles building a cleanroom.


They trust us

Our reputation for excellence is built on the quality of our services and our teams. Our customers say it best.

Our customers talk about our work in numerous testimonials.
cleanroom is a ZAC, controlled atmosphere zone. A cleanroom created by our design office. Two cleanroom installers in white overalls with masks and goggles building a cleanroom. Our customers talk about our work in numerous testimonials.

Adapting to your needs cleanroom

VÊPRES adapts the level of controlled atmosphere zones (ZAC) to meet industrial needs, improve working conditions and optimize production. With its integrated design office, VÊPRES adjusts ambient air control. Ambient air control is crucial to improving quality and working conditions, and to meeting sterility, cleaning and defect reduction requirements. Creating clean rooms, gray rooms, sterile rooms or clean spaces is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for many industries.