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Agriculture, pharmaceuticals, environment, health, medical, industry: cleanrooms for biotech are dedicated to a wide variety of fields related to life sciences. VÊPRES 's numerous references enable us to design and deliver production units tailored to your needs.

Cleanroom biotech, close-up on a pipette and test tubes.

A capacity for innovation

The biotech sector covers a wide range of activities and needs. We put our expertise and experience at your service to design and deliver cleanrooms that meet the needs of the biotech industry. We have developed an exceptional capacity for innovation that has forged our reputation. By mastering the design, installation and maintenance phases with our own teams, VÊPRES meets the most demanding requirements in terms of quality, performance and deadlines.

Our golden rule is to provide a precise response that is perfectly adapted to your needs. We adapt to your process and the specificities of your production.

This includes the design of cleanroom (sizing, plans, materials, surface treatment), technical equipment (atmosphere treatment, control) and access management (personnel, equipment). Controlling all these parameters means we can't afford any mistakes.

project and quotation

From pre-project study to completion, VÊPRES will accompany you from A to Z for the realization and "turnkey" delivery of your cleanroom.

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MINATEC Entreprises / CYTOO

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Cleanrooms Biotech

Cleanrooms are essential in many fields, including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, the environment, healthcare and medicine. VÊPRES designs and supplies specific production units. The biotech sector, with its multiple activities and requirements, benefits from our expertise and experience. Our exceptional capacity for innovation is at your service.