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Well-being in the workplace, VÊPRES stands out

HR News

Our employees evaluated their working conditions within the company. We have been awarded the HappyIndex®AtWork label for the 3rd year running!

Because the HappyIndex®AtWork label is based on the opinions of our employees, this certification is important. VÊPRES is indeed attentive to their feedback on their working conditions. Obtaining this label once again justifies making well-being in the workplace one of our key concerns.


This independent survey, carried out by ChooseMyCompagny, highlights their level of satisfaction across several dimensions: management, recognition, professional development, raison d'être, sustainable development and working environment. With a participation rate of 57.1%, VÊPRES received a score of 4.18/5. The diversity of our field of activity, the quality of working life, the atmosphere within the company and the harmony between employees all stand out very strongly.

Our employees recommend the company!

Another finding is that our employees are proud to work at VÊPRES. 76.9% of them would recommend the company to a friend or relative. This indicator reflects our commitment to human resources, conviviality and working conditions. This certification is the result of a corporate culture based on family spirit and solidarity.

Well-being at work and recruitment

These results confirm our determination to create an atmosphere conducive to our employees' professional well-being. And to find new talent! Proof of the company's good reputation and vitality, in 2023, 25 new people joined our various departments. Let's keep up the good work!

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